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Our mission

We help factories to improve customers experience, employees empowerment and collaborative partnerships.

Who we are

OMING is an investment firm concentrated on boosting excellence and automation techniques for indutries.

What we do

OMING invests in companies, tools and solutions dedicated to enhance the factory operations. Through these investments we serve production, maintenance and engineering managers providing them services and products linked to lean manufacturing methodologies and digital manufacturing technologies to make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. We want to build a group uniquely equipped to this task.

What drives us

We believe our success is a direct result of our strong values embedded in our company's culture i.e., excellence, creativity and freedom. 


Our culture is built on a deeply held belief in the drive of each person to reach his/her full potential. We create an environment where all associates are supported to develop their leadership skill in one area. Our Excellence comes from a mix of skill, talent and passion.


OMING is known for our innovative culture as well as our deep understanding of Project Management and Technologies. We have served a variety of market leaders for more than 20 years, providing high-value solutions.


OMING is made of associates self-motivated by the willingness to master an area of expertize: their passion. We built a unique freedom culture for our employees based on a high level of autonomy to develop their passion. Freedom at OMING is the key reason for our rapid growth.

New at OMING

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Industry 4.0

OMING proposes to production, maintenance and engineering managers great talents, technologies and solutions to build their future factories.

Contact us for any question or suggestion at or +32 2 732 30 91.